Transatlantic Flight Held In Iceland After Passenger Wrote Bomb Threat On Lavatory Mirror

A passenger on board a Frankfurt to Seattle flight wrote out a bomb threat on the mirror in the lavatory and the Condor Airbus A330 made an emergency diversion to Reykjavik.

Flight DE2032 had left Frankfurt on Monday afternoon. It was over Greenland when the decision was made to get the aircraft down on the ground in Iceland. Passengers on board were told the aircraft had an “operational error” but they were also instructed that they would not be permitted to use the bathrooms (“out of order”).

Passengers detailed the ordeal on social media of being patted down by officers on arrival, mug shots taken, and bags searched. Everyone was then held in a hanger for hours. Around midnight they were allowed to decamp for hotels before returning to the airport six hours later to fly on to Seattle using a different aircraft.


what a crazy experience.. still here in iceland will update soon wish me luck

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All pax patted down and then sent to a shed to be guarded by cops with MP5's . They did allow use of two bathrooms for 266 people while they took mugshots of everyone. Lines across the building. No real info at this time just stay in your spot. 2/

— God damn the pusher man (@BillSmi92852819) July 26, 2022

Bomb Threat… According to the article,. Bomb was written mirror. Local Icelandic Police did a detailed has search of everyone's carry-on and personal belongings. Around midnight they sent us to hotels. No food just. A room. I bought a bag of chips in the hotel lobby. 4/

— God damn the pusher man (@BillSmi92852819) July 26, 2022

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Still in Keflavik after the diversion for the bomb threat on Condor DE2032 last night. Hopefully we'll hear more soon.

— God damn the pusher man (@BillSmi92852819) July 26, 2022

According to Condor Airlines, no actual threat existed.

Purely as a precaution, the aircraft was diverted to the nearest airport, Keflavik, where it was investigated in accordance with applicable protocols and processes…Guests and crew were accommodated in hotels in Iceland. Condor sent a standby aircraft to Iceland to bring guests from there to Seattle. The flight arrived safely in Seattle at around 3:15 pm.

At least passengers were able to earn Alaska Airlines miles for the flight.

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