There’s So Much Lost Luggage, Workers Are Throwing Some Away In The Trash

There’s been a lot of missing bags this summer, especially in Europe. Delta had to fly a plane full of only missing bags from London to Detroit in order to sort the mess on home turf (they likely then shipped some of those bags back to London!). Icelandair has been flying planes with baggage handlers on them. Amsterdam’s baggage system broke, and KLM stopped accepting checked bags from connecting passengers within Europe.

As airlines work through the backlog of lost bags, not everyone on staff is well-incentivized to reunite people with their luggage. Instead they may just be expected to clear the backlog. And what is the quickest, easiest way for an employee to do that – an employee who doesn’t see the customer?

A whistleblower shared photos of lost bags simply thrown away at the Dublin airport. Some of the bags “had been opened,” presumably pilfered of anything valuable before being tossed.

Contractor Sky Handling defends the decision (!) to throw away the luggage claiming it was for health and safety reasons. They’d left the bags so long contents had begun to rot!

We can confirm that a small number of bags were being disposed of because they posed a health and safety risk to staff and a risk of contamination for other bags in their vicinity. The bags in question contained foodstuffs and other perishable items against notified custom regulations. These items were clearly going off and were at risk of attracting vermin.

Then they pivoted to blame customs, saying they’d had the bags by mistake in the first place and didn’t even know why. Meanwhile Dublin Airport denies responsibility, saying 4200 pieces of lost luggage is entirely the responsibility of ground handlers.

Don’t check luggage. Unless it’s purely for sport.

(HT: Z.D.)

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