Easier For Hertz To Send You To Jail Than Produce A 7 Month Old Receipt?

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  • TIL: Hertz charges $25 to provide a copy of a receipt that is over 6 months old. They don’t keep older rental receipts in their billing system, and must access and search another system manually.

    This seems insane. I ought to be able to pull up receipts in my online account. If they aren’t going to store a full history, then at least a couple of years?

    Believe it or not this issue seems related to Hertz’s problem with filing false police reports and sending customers to jail – a backwards IT system that doesn’t properly track its vehicle fleet or customer receipts.

  • The Frontier Airlines experience.

    Via @jimmyfallon on @FlyFrontier:

    "They call this the vegetable aisle at @kroger experience. First time a flights been delayed because of bad weather inside the plane. And yet, somehow the chicken was still dry." pic.twitter.com/5g0p6Xknz0

    — Ross Feinstein (@RossFeinstein) August 2, 2022

  • Russian wants Spaniards to emigrate and pitches the idea (in English, with English subtitles) of ‘beautiful women, cheap gas, and no cancel culture’ plus a sanctions-resistant economy.

    Time to move to Russia 🤍💙❤️ pic.twitter.com/4CZL1Nt4Gi

    — Rusia en España (@EmbajadaRusaES) July 29, 2022

  • GHA Discovery double elite night credits through September 20 registration required

  • Honeymooners billed $410 for 2 drinks and a dozen oysters on Mykonos DK Oyster Bar is known by some as a famous tourist scam.

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