Would you stay at a mediocre resort if it had great childcare?

I read an article this morning that really resonated with me. Check out “My family just came back from a mediocre resort. We’d go back in a heartbeat just because of the childcare.” The gist of it is that a family with two young kids stayed at Club Med Sandpiper Resort in Florida. This resort is one of the only true all-inclusive resorts in the U.S. (although it sounds like it was recently sold). They booked the resort because of the childcare so that they could experience a true “vacation” instead of another “trip.” If you have kids, you know what I mean.

The family gave the resort a 2-star review because the facilities were so run-down. However, they stated they would go back again because the childcare was so fun for the kids and it gave the parents time to truly relax.

But Oh, the Comments!

I can completely relate to these parents. The main reason my husband and I booked a Disney Cruise back in 2012 is for the kids’ clubs. We were desperate for a small break from our kids, even just one or two quiet dinners. At home, we had no family to babysit for us on the regular, and a paid babysitter was expensive and hard to find. The cruise turned out to be a hit with our entire family! And yes, it was a vacation for us parents, too.

On the Yahoo version of the article, the negative comments are killing me.

“How sad. Why have kids if you don’t want to take them, spend time with them, and explore the world together. You’d rather have some complete stranger take care of your kids so you can have lunch in silence?”

“So you let complete strangers care for your children? No way.”

These type of comments have always bugged me. In my experience, people who say things like this either have no kids, or they do have kids but they have two sets of grandparents who fight over who gets to babysit them.

Parents sometimes need a time out from their kids. We’re not superhuman. And when we need a small break to recharge our batteries, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have had kids in the first place.

My Answer and Recommendation

My answer to my blog title “would you stay at a mediocre resort if it had great childcare?” is Yes! Probably not now, since my kids are older. But when my kids were younger, absolutely!

However, there are several fantastic resorts I’ve stayed at that are not mediocre but they do have great childcare at an extra cost. We sent our kids to Camp Hyatt at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines. They had a blast, while my husband and I had a quiet date night. A year later, we used the Camp Hyatt at Hyatt Regency Coconut Point. Again, my kids loved the experience, and we loved our quiet dinner. You can book these hotels on points, and save your money to use for time at Camp Hyatt.

For families who want a vacation instead of just a trip, I also highly recommend cruises. Disney, Royal Caribbean and Carnival all have top-notch kids programming that allow the kids to have a blast while the parents get some me-time.

Have you ever stayed at aa so-so resort that had great childcare?

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