How Bad Was The Hertz Points Devaluation? And How Dumb Are People Who Live Near Airports?

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Hyatt earnings (Skift)
  • Aeroflot is stripping parts off of planes to keep a limited fleet flying so sanctions clearly matter (HT: David F)
  • Oh, come on.


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  • People bought homes near Washington Dulles airport during the pandemic, complain they weren’t warned planes make noise since there were fewer planes flying a year ago and two years ago. Now they want to stop the planes. It’s only fair.
  • The Hertz devaluation with basically no notice turns out to be a 27% gutting they need to find money to pay out claims for false arrest of their customers somewhere I guess.
  • Hyatt has a Linblad Expeditions trip to Channel Islands National Park for a 2 nights, November 5-7, 2022. (Tickets here) “The expedition will include gourmet meals on deck, hiking adventures ranging in difficulty, kayak and paddleboards, and a chance to visit with local wildlife.”

    Redemption value is 1.6 cents per point:

      Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5 Cat 1 Sgl Cat 2 Sgl
    Paid $1,560 $1,720 $1,820 $1,980 $2,160 $2,360 $2,580
    Award 97,500 107,500 113,750 123,750 135,000 147,500 161,250

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