Warning About Airbnb’s With Good Reviews – But Aren’t What They Seem

Airbnb cleaning fees are legendary – your room cost will be far more than the price quoted. And since those are generally billed ‘per stay’ rather than per night, that makes Airbnb hard to use for shorter stays. Since there’s usually one unique room being rented, Airbnb’s can’t guarantee early check-in or late check-out the way that hotels do without blocking out the day before or after your stay from sale.

Those are a few of the reasons why Airbnb doesn’t work for every situation, but more competition for hotels is good and making rooms available in places where the chains just aren’t is good too.

Unfortunately hosts cancel on guests, and the guest is usually stuck. Airbnb is addressing this problem with greater fees imposed on hosts who do this. Still, there are too many scams and you can’t always believe the reviews either.

A TikToker booked a night at an Airbnb in Bali for her anniversary. She’d found a ‘villa’ with an infinity pool that overlooked a rainforest. It was part of a larger property with amenities (plenty of hotels sell rooms through Airbnb!). There were good reviews.

She showed up and found an abandoned villa, a pool filled with algae, a restaurant that was shut down – the entire property abandoned. Broken windows abounded. So much for the special night $50 splurge (this is Indonesia, after all) that they drove two hours to reach.

@atypical_adventure Thanks @airbnb #airbnbfinds #abandonedplaces #abandonedhotel ♬ original sound – atypical_adventure

Airbnb provided a refund, but that’s all. Those good reviews? They weren’t fake (though those abound). They were just old. The property was abandoned but still being sold, because it’s Airbnb so why not?

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