A Better Site Than SeatGuru For Seat Maps, Choosing Seats On Planes

How did I never know about this? I’ve been using SeatGuru for years, but I don’t find itearly as useful as it once was. It turns out there’s a much better source for airline seat maps.

A ‘LOPA’ is a Layout of Passenger Accommodations. It doesn’t just show seats. It’s a detailed schematic of the passenger cabin that’s drawn to scale. And there’s a site that has these for a number of airlines, both foreign and domestic: aeroLOPA.

You will see details of how each seat is angled. You will see the bulkheads and bassinet placement. You will see which lavatories are larger or handicap accessible. You’ll even see where windows are located relative to seats – no more picking seats where the windows are misaligned and you can’t see out easily.

Not only do you get a seat’s legroom and width, they even tell you which brand and model seats are installed.

Here’s the front business cabin of a United Boeing 787-9 with Polaris seats installed, you can see how the seats angle and which middle seats are actually close to each other in the picture.

Definitely a site to bookmark, if people still bookmark websites.

(HT: Mainly Miles)

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