Leaked Image Of New American Express Marriott Card

About four months ago Marriott trademarked two new credit card names:

  • Marriott Bonvoy Bevy
  • Marriott Bonvoy Bountiful

They’ve been busy adding international credit cards like their new South Korea card and Mexico cards. But these are U.S.-registered trademarks.

These names would add to the current portfolio which includes Boundless, Bold, Brilliant and Business. You might think they’re just registering possible names, but a reader sends along an image for the new American Express Marriott Bonvoy Bevy card.

It’s got the cursive ‘M’. It starts with a B. And Bevy is an actual word (unlike Bonvoy, but like the other B card names) which means a large group of people or things that are of like kind.

American Express has been surveying $650 and also $750 annual fee premium card options.

Some possible benefits of a super-premium Marriott card include Platinum status and more elite nights towards a higher tier, and a more valuable free night certificate (worth 80,000 or 85,000 points). (One of the ideas surveyed – a monthly dining credit – already made its way into the existing premium consumer card, as a replacement for the annual Marriott spend statement credit.)

In 2020 American Express surveyed stronger points-earning, waived resort fees, and guaranteed suite upgrades along with 50% off of a second room booked at the same time

It doesn’t mean that’s what this is but it strikes me personally as most likely because this doesn’t appear to be a small business card and there’s no real need to rebrand the $95 Marriott Bonvoy American Express Credit Card that’s the legacy Starwood card and that no longer takes applications (since Chase has the primary consumer card business).

Then again, investing in a rebranding of that product is possible. As for Bountiful, I haven’t seen an image of that product yet. Could that have been just a potential name, and not something that made it to the card art phase?

In any case the timing of release of any new card products is unclear, and may not be imminent. I’ve reached out to both Marriott and American Express for comment.

Information about the American Express Marriott Bonvoy Bevy card was collected independently by View From The Wing and was neither provided nor reviewed by American Express.

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