Check Your Customized Bonus For Spending On Amex Cards

American Express is running several offers to encourage spending on their own-branded (Membership Rewards) cards like the Gold and Platinum cards. These can be found when logging into your account, under Amex Offers. And you have to add them to your card with the click of a button in order to register and earn the bonus for your spending.

Some of the offers are reasonably generous, an extra half point per dollar at certain spend thresholds.
And all appear to be able to be earned up to 3 times during the promotion period.

Doctor of Credit flags these and notes some of the offers people received:

Spend $11,000, get 5,500 bonus points
Spend $14,500, get 4,000 bonus points
Spend $29,500, get 7,500 bonus points

Fortunately I received an offer that’s an extra half point per dollar, and requires less spend than these to earn, on my Gold card:

Choosing when to time adding this offer matters. You can add it any time through the end of the year, and then you have 90 days within which to spend and earn. So you want to add it before doing big spend on the card.

An extra 3000 points per 6000 spend isn’t likely to shift a lot of wallet share over to this card, but on top of grocery and dining spend I’ll do with this card anyway it’s worth registering for the offer and picking up the points. Worth checking out what offer you may have under your Amex Offers, noting though that not every cardmember and every card receives an offer.

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