More On The New Marriott Bevy American Express Card, From The Comments

On Friday I shared an image of the yet-unannounced Marriott Bonvoy Bevy American Express card, which is one of the two new card names trademarked in the spring by Marriott (the other is Marriott Bonvoy Bountiful). These add to the current portfolio which includes Boundless, Bold, Brilliant and Business.

Two commenters add a bit of context. One sleuths the web and notices that,

The Bevy is referenced in the webpage for the Public Theater’s Fall Season as an Amex card which makes cardmembers eligible for the American Express Preferred Access program:

It’s slotted here between the current generic Bonvoy and the Brilliant, so perhaps the Brilliant is getting an upgrade to the premium perks Gary mentioned were being surveyed previously, and this will fall between

Indeed it does appear that Bevy will be the mid-tier card, positioned between the current mass consumer card and the premium ‘Brilliant’ consumer card. That’s akin to what Chase and United now have with the Quest card positioned between their Explorer and Club cards.

Another commenter who prefers to remain anonymous explains:

Bountiful – Chase $250
Bevy – Amex $250
Brilliant – Amex $650

Refresh late September

As I expected, the Bountiful card (no image leaked yet) will be a Chase mid-tier and Bevy will be the American Express mid-tier. Both issuers get a new mid-tier card at the $250 annual fee price point, and we can expect American Express to raise the fee on the Brilliant card and add new benefits, coming this September.

Here are benefits that American Express surveyed as possible for a $650 card last year.

  • Free night certificate worth up to 85,000 points (I had offered 80,000)
  • Platinum status as a cardmember, with Titanium at $75,000 in annual spend
  • 25 nights towards elite status (currently 15)

We’ll see what makes it into the final product, but ultimately the challenge Marriott cards face is that a single Bonvoy point is worth around 60 basis points making two points per dollar earn worth around a 1.2% rebate, which doesn’t warrant everyday spend on the card. You may value a Marriott point higher, perhaps 65 or 70 basis points, but that doesn’t change the decision framework.

Information about the American Express Marriott Bonvoy Bevy card was collected independently by View From The Wing and was neither provided nor reviewed by American Express.

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