Do You Deserve Business Class If You Leave The Kids In Coach?

I’m amazed at this LinkedIn post that is making the rounds on social media for its combination of humblebrag and pop wisdom, that still manages to come off as disingenuous and lacking self-awareness at the same time. Truly this discussion of traveling in business class on vacation, while leaving the kids in coach, is an impressive viral morsel.

They probably don’t deserve the house they live in or food they eat or clothes they wear, coz they haven’t earned them. 🤔 @LinkedinFlex

— 🚭Kammulaism🚭 (@Bloodu999) August 13, 2022

It sounds to me like what the author felt like he deserved was a break from his kids.

Do the other passengers in economy deserve to be stuck sitting next to your children without parental supervision? (I would note here that while American Airlines only requires teenagers to travel solo in ‘unaccompanied minor’ status until age 14, they continue to offer the status until 17.)

There’s a certain way you’re supposed to write on LinkedIn, in social media generally, or when talking about your good fortune to those you do not know. I know we’re supposed to offer a certain false modesty in our public postings but I’ll say that, with some reasonable assumptions, the poster did deserve to fly business class.

  • Let’s assume he and his wife earned their money without lying, cheating, or stealing.

  • They worked and provided a service that was valuable enough to be paid for. They traded their value for value from someone else, the exchange was voluntarily, and didn’t harm anyone else in the process. They deserved what they were paid.

  • They then took what they were paid – representing the value they had offered to someone else – and used it to buy a specific seat on a plane for travel. In the process they gave up whatever else they might have done with that money. They deserved the seat they purchased.

The question is, did their children deserve a vacation? Did the children deserve to be separated from their parents? Did their parents deserve to fly business class, separated from the kids?

Should they have had to purchase business class tickets for the whole family in order to ‘deserve’ them? Regardless, I have no opinion on whether they deserved a break from the kids during a commercial airline flight, and don’t know how the kids behaved (or were likely to behave, ex ante) to know whether the other passengers deserved these kids as unsupervised seatmates.

What do you think about when someone ‘deserves’ to fly business class?

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