Someone May Be In Trouble For Selling ConciergeKey Status [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • New twitter account Buttigieg Wins supports a presidential run for DOT secretary Pete Buttigieg.
  • Two data-based critiques of the 1500 hour rule for airline pilots

  • Flights Grounded and Others Are Diverted After Dubai is Hit By An ‘Incredible’ Sandstorm

    A transit in #Dubai has turned to a longer stay due to an incredible sandstorm! Flights were cancelled or delayed – but the airport is lovely – so the journey continues 🙏🏼 @GWpublichealth @CCDH_GWSPH #TravelingProf #GlobalHealth

    — Adnan Hyder (@ahyder1) August 14, 2022

  • Homeless undocumented migrants bused to New York City from Texas will be housed at the Row NYC hotel which is the former Milford Plaza, which I know of largely from their catchy TV commercials I grew up with. (HT: @crucker)

  • That eBay listing for a ConciergeKey status challenge (3 months of status for $2000) has been taken down. It appears this was someone selling access to an offer American had given their company. Oops.

    not a status match, there is no CK status match. This is a ongoing corporate promo for select companies that started very recently. They were given a limited amount.

    — hjjvhjvh (@hjjvhjvh) August 15, 2022

    Update: they offer to sell is back under a new eBay listing..! Bold.

  • Shortly before the pandemic British Airways parent IAG was set to acquire Air Europa. Then things didn’t look so good for aviation. Now, though, they’ve taken a 20% stake in the carrier.

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