Milwaukee-Bound Passengers Hold Paper Airplane Contest At Their Gate [Roundup]

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  • How to walk around London
  • Changes to Marriott practices around resort fees from its settlement with Pennsylvania were supposed to go into effect this week but that’s been delayed to January 23.

  • Paper airplanes.

    My flight is slightly delayed to Milwaukee so @SouthwestAir making it fun at the gate to fill some time.

    People were ask to make a paper airplane and the plane the flew the farthest got a gift card.

    — Daji Aswad (@Daji_aswad_wx) August 15, 2022

  • Irish customs accepts Native American passports, 12 years after UK rejection (HT: Paul H)

  • If airlines were people.

    @charlieberens Who needs first class when you have no class ✈️ (Feat. @asap_roffe @billydeuce86 ♬ original sound – Charlie Berens

  • American is dropping Austin – San Juan effective November 3. Much of the time it’s been a redeye in both directions, so I’m shocked the route ‘didn’t meet performance expectations’.

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