One Customer Has Been Arrested Three Times When Renting From Hertz

Hertz IT and business processes seem to be a mess. Their customers keep winding up in jail. The rental giant reports cars stolen that have been properly rented. Or they think cars that have been returned were stolen, even though they keep renting those cars out.

Much of the time, though not all the time, the problem seems to be with cars a customer swaps out midway through a rental (preferring a different vehicle) or where a customer extends a rental and the company doesn’t record the change properly. Hertz’s CEO has acknowledged problems, and claims they’re fixed, but we keep getting new stories about it still happening. And they don’t withdraw false police reports, saying that if they did, the police might stop believing them.

There are several new stories that are coming out about Hertz customers being arrested for stealing cars they had rented. One customer was even arrested three times – although it’s worth noting that’s not a record, since one elite member chalked up 4 arrests spending 30 days in jail, where she suffered a miscarriage.

  • Connie Totman, who rented a car from Hertz in South Carolina and returned the car in Georgia. Hertz subsequently overcharged Ms. Totman in error and falsely reported the vehicle as stolen to South Carolina police. Because of this false theft report, Ms. Totman was then arrested on three separate occasions, twice in Georgia and once in South Carolina, over the course of a year. Charges against her were ultimately dismissed.

  • Ameerah Singleton, who rented a vehicle from Hertz through State Farm. Despite State Farm handling the rental vehicle’s extensions and payments, Ms. Singleton’s rental was towed by Hertz. About a month later, Ms. Singleton was arrested and jailed for four days for “stealing” her insurance rental car. Charges against her remain pending to this day, more than 1,581 days since her arrest, and she continues to live in fear as she waits for the charges to be officially dismissed.

  • Saleema Lovelace, who was arrested at gunpoint two days before the date on which she had agreed to return her rental car to Hertz. Despite paying for her rental in full, Hertz reported the vehicle as stolen after deleting records of Ms. Lovelace’s payment and of her rental extension agreements. Ms. Lovelace remains under ongoing prosecution today.

I’ve been tracking the mess that Hertz has made of itself and for customers for years now, and with each new story words fail.

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