They Went To The Airport To Get Married In Rome. She Fled With $6000 And His Luggage.

Man and woman meet. Man falls madly in love. Proposes. And they decide to elope. They headed to London Heathrow to catch a flight to Rome to get married. And she ran off from the airport with his money – and his luggage.

The first clue should have been that they’d only met recently. No photos or background on the couple are available, but it’s a strong guess that on a scale of 1-10 she’s 2 or more notches above him. The second and more important clue is that they were trying to fly intra-Europe from Heathrow despite the mess that airport has been.

The couple were both in their 40s. He went to the restroom before checking in, and when he returned she’d fled. Maybe that was the third clue, that he needed to use the restroom but she did not?

The devastated man, said to be British, told Terminal 5 staff she had left with the £5,000 he’d given her for their wedding.

One onlooker said: “He was in bits — totally inconsolable. Apparently, they’d only met very recently and he’d fallen head-over-heels for her. He’d proposed a day earlier and she’d accepted.

“They’d planned to marry in Rome and were about to fly there. Then she did a runner while he went to the loo and vanished with all their belongings.”

It’s not clear whether she’d left the airport and returned to London, or gone through security to catch a flight. He contacted police but is no longer sure of her name, even.

Several years ago a man was hospitalized after flying to China to meet his internet girlfriend. He waited 10 days in the airport, but she never showed. She said she wanted to continue their online relationship, and didn’t know he’d flown to see her because she turned off her phone in order to get plastic surgery.

"@Austynzogs: Dutch Man hospitalized after waiting 10 Days in Chinese Airport for Internet Girlfriend he met online.

— GIDI (@Gidi_Traffic) August 2, 2016

Even if it doesn’t start as true love, don’t lose hope! There’s a whole genre of film where people fall in love after they get engaged. I knew a woman in college who was paid by an Iranian man to marry her, so that he could become a U.S. citizen. They had to act married and moved in together. And fell in love, then did it ‘for real’ (or at least had the real party, since the ‘for real’ part had already been done a couple of years earlier).

That had the makings of a fantastic rom-com, these two airport stories are tragedies, but you’ll never know love if you don’t take chances! At least he only lost $6000 and some luggage.

(HT: Paul H)

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