This Dog Is Hungry For Snacks In Coach [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Non-elite guest complains about not getting benefits after putting an elite hotel loyalty program account number in their reservation
  • These are prawn chips, after all. (HT: Tommy L)

  • History of IAG the parent of British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling, and now 20% owner of Air Europe.

  • Videos: how a jet airliner works and how the cockpit works (HT: Paul H) though personally I’ve always just liked what makes airplanes fly.

  • Their company had them share a room on a work trip. They fell in love.

  • United will add premium economy to remaining 767-300 aircraft

  • Reminder: you still cannot connect in Tokyo from one airport to another (and by the way, it’s a good idea to avoid Tokyo connections altogether in case you misconnect – since most of you can’t enter the country).

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