Hurry: One Night Only, Most IHG Hotels In Most Cities Up To 85% Off Points

For the night of Saturday, August 5, 2023 – generally the last night bookable at the end of IHG’s calendar right now – most hotels in most cities that have loaded reward night inventory are pricing at just 16,000 points per night.

Here are Intercontinentals and a Kimpton in New York City for the night of August 5:

That can be as much as 85% off. For instance this Kimpton is pricing at 104,000 points just the night before:

This isn’t just New York City. For instance here is London that same night of August 5.

This is a long way into the future and just available for one night, but it is a Saturday night so potentially great for a weekend getaway. Consider making multiple reservations for the night, including using different accounts in the family. And 16,000 points are easy to get with cheap points on sale.

Just four days ago IHG was discounting most hotels on most nights up to 50% after doing the same thing a week and a half before that.

Since this is happening a third time in a month I’m going to take this as intentional, especially since these deals were honored last time and the time before. The head of the program promised regular award sales. Regardless do your your August 5, 2023 IHG award searches now.

(HT: Verylvke via Loyalty Lobby)

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