Mom Meets Daughter At The Airport In Tyrannosaurs Rex Costume Every Time She Comes Home

A mom in Milwaukee meets her daughter at the airport every time she comes home from college. In a dinosaur costume.

Someone shot video of the scene as the woman waits for her child to disembark, and then they give each other – momma to T-Rex – a giant hug. The mother then hugs the man traveling with her daughter, too. Somehow I missed this when it first happened last year.

Spotted at MKE this morning! —

This roar-some mom rocks a dinosaur suit to the Airport each time her daughter comes home from college. 🦖

— MKE – Milwaukee Airport (@MitchellAirport) April 26, 2021

Shortly before the pandemic two kids showed up dressed as dinosaurs to wait for their grandmother’s flight only to find that when she came out she was wearing a dinosaur costume, too.

The kids practiced their ‘roars’ trying to get revenge on their grandmother who had surprised them at the airport in a dinosaur costume two years earlier – revenge is best served cold, after all! – but she got the best of them since she was dressed as a dinosaur, too!

At the Sheraton Waikiki, the resort fee used to include a dinosaur book to help tell your kids you’re getting divorced (perhaps your spouse leaves you for choosing the Sheraton Waikiki). Two years ago for Halloween a Tyrannosaurus Rex gave the safety briefing on Lufthansa’s low cost carrier Eurowings.

(HT: @airport_girl)

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