$28 Airport Beers Are At Least Getting Tastier [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Airport bars increasingly serving craft beers but if a Sam Adams can run $28 at LaGuardia what will you pay for something actually good and interesting? (HT: Paul H)
  • American Airlines offloads some of the Airbus A330s it retired and was still paying on (HT: JonNYC)

  • Quiz: identify an airline by its business class cabin

  • Cayman Islands drops all Covid travel restrictions on Wednesday and Anguilla now accepts unvaccinated travelers with testing (HT: Wes P)

  • Qantas extends elite status for another year as part of an apology for poor operational performance.

  • CBP officers seize nearly $7 million worth of fake Cartier jewelry and Rolex watches it’s always bothered me that taxpayers subsidize big brands this way.

  • World’s first airport terminal made of wood And since the terminal is made of wood it is therefore… a witch.

  • This was the Hayat hotel, not the Hyatt hotel.

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