Qantas Airways Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Business Class Review May 2022 [LAX to MEL]

The lounge serves multiple airlines, including business class passengers flying Cathay Pacific, Qantas, and British Airways.

The lounge itself was fairly nice. It was massive and mostly empty, which meant I had no trouble finding a seat.

There was so much seating.

I’ll admit, though, that I actually wandered around for a while trying to decide where to sit due to the abundance of seats available.

No really, this lounge is built to host massive crowds.

There was also a separate area filled with dining tables.

On a potentially busy day, the lounge seems equipped to handle a large volume of transiting passengers.

Eventually, I ended up at the business center, where I could keep an eye on the departures board.

It was here that I frantically worked after realizing Qantas had no Wi-Fi on the plane.

The lounge had a pretty large bar, which is where most guests hung out.

I didn’t even have a drink in the lounge — I saved that for the plane.

It served pretty much anything you could ask for.

No lack of variety here.

The food also looked pretty good, though I was maintaining my appetite for the flight.

Dining options included leek soup, potato salad, hot smoked salmon salad, and a pea salad.

Even the bread selection looked fresh and appetizing.

Pretty good for a lounge!

There were also soft drinks on tap.

I got too way too many refills here.

I spent some time in the lounge working before making my way to the boarding gate, where I waited for just a few minutes before boarding began promptly on time.

Interestingly, Qantas chose to board both premium economy and business class simultaneously, which made for a somewhat crowded experience. Still, I was able to board relatively quickly, and ended up in my seat with plenty of time to spare.

On Board Qantas Airways’ Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

This was my very first time flying business on Qantas, and my overall experience was mixed. Generally, the business class product gets a pretty solid review, and that’s likely what I’d come away saying as well, but there were definitely a few hiccups to be had.

Unlike my recent Saudia Airlines flight, Qantas Airways does serve alcohol on its flights, and I was quite grateful to receive a glass of welcome Champagne shortly after sitting down.

As always, Champagne is a welcome sight as a pre-departure beverage.

However, I’m always one to search out reviews of a flight before I board, which often gives me expectations. Case in point, I asked a flight attendant for a set of pajamas since it was a nighttime flight and I’d read that these were offered. Unfortunately, according to the flight attendant, they didn’t have any pajamas on this flight. Why not? Well — according to the attendant — they normally did, but this time they just forgot to … put some on board. So the outcome was, no pajamas.

Also, although we boarded on time, we ended up departing 30 minutes late. We mostly made up for this in the air, however.

Business Class Seat

Qantas Airways used a reverse herringbone 1-2-1 seat configuration on this flight, which meant that every passenger had direct aisle access.

Because all business class seats on this flight had direct aisle access, I loved not having to step over anyone.

The seat itself was quite spacious, and I appreciated being butted directly up against the windows.

There was plenty of room for me to stretch out.

I had also chosen a bulkhead seat for the wider footwell, which made a difference during the flight.

Look at all the room!

For reference, even-numbered seats are set directly against the windows and offer more privacy than odd-numbered seats. Despite this, my seat still felt a little less private than other options, simply because the wraparound shell was pretty short. I had a pretty clear view of my neighbor’s screen, for instance, which made me miss the more private options offered on other business class seats.

That being said, I did enjoy the large flip-out table.

Plenty of room to work.

There was also a ton of room in various storage compartments.

Here’s where I kept all my stuff after losing it in the seat.

Aside from the touch screen, there was also a remote to control the inflight entertainment.

I never use these but they’re handy to have.

The seat controls offered a large amount of variety, so you can find the perfect position.

Love that lumbar support.

And, as you’d expect, the seat featured an international plug, as well as a USB port.

Good for keeping the juices flowing.

Now, this needs to be said because I’ve flown on a flight or 2 in my time, and I’ve always heard those warnings about not moving your seat if one of your items happens to fall inside. Imagine my dismay when, while sleeping, I heard my Kindle clatter hollowly to the interior bottom of my seat.

Now, I’ve never lost anything under a plane seat. Ever. But I could not, for the life of me, get my Kindle out. So after about 10 minutes of trying, I flagged down a flight attendant. He spent 10 more minutes trying before giving up and asking a second flight attendant — with longer arms — to come help.

I wish I could make this up, but alas. While the second flight attendant was attempting to retrieve my lost Kindle, I was trying to describe how it fell into the seat in the first place. While doing so, I accidentally bumped my Bose headphones and they, too, clattered down inside of the seat (you have to imagine how big this gap is to have eaten both a Kindle and a big pair of headphones).

Unfortunately, the flight attendant hadn’t noticed it happened, so once he triumphantly returned my Kindle to me (with the aid of a hanger) I had to awkwardly ask him to also retrieve my headphones. It turned out that during the course of the flight, the seat had also managed to eat my pen, my seatbelt, and a pack of Listerine strips, all of which I was able to recover.

Long story short: the seat is comfortable but features a large gap — on both sides — so keep your valuables stored inside your bag.

Food and Beverage

There were 2 meals on this flight, with a dinner course and an optional breakfast service.

Overall, the food was fresh and flavorful.

I ordered the beef flat iron steak with skordalia, snow peas, and port wine sauce for dinner, which was delicious, and continued on with my initial beverage choice of Champagne. That’s probably the reason why I forgot to take a picture of the food. Suffice to say it was pretty tasty.

There was a wide variety of drink choices.

To receive breakfast, you needed to fill out the breakfast card and hand it in in advance. You could choose from a range of options, including buttermilk and ricotta pancakes with strawberry compote, yogurt, a fried egg and halloumi ciabatta sandwich, and fruit salad. I opted for the cold-pressed juice, fruit salad, and pancakes.

You need to be sure to fill out your breakfast card.

All told, I thoroughly enjoyed the food selection on Qantas, and I was happy to be woken up for breakfast service as I had requested on my card.


The amenities for this flight were pretty standard, although I was more than a little disappointed by the lack of Wi-Fi on the plane. In 2022, it doesn’t make sense to not offer internet on a flight lasting more than 13 hours.


Despite the lack of Wi-Fi, Qantas still does a decent job keeping people entertained throughout the flight. The inflight entertainment system was both large and responsive at 16 inches in size. Its range of movies was also pretty expansive.

I spent most of my time staring at this lovely screen (with a glass of Champagne in my hand).

This was the first time I’d ever forgotten my own wired headphones, so I had to make do with the ones Qantas offered. While they weren’t noise-canceling, they did a good enough job with the sound overall.

The headphones were decent, but not amazing.

Amenity Kit

I dig the branding on this bag.

Amenity kits were placed at our seats upon boarding and contained a variety of products. Interestingly, most of it was Qantas-branded, including the socks, eye mask, ear plugs, and dental kit.

Everything was separated into individual packets.

The kit also contained lip balm, hand cream, and face cream from the Australian brand Li’Tya.

These products were good enough that I took them home.

Side note: I normally bring my own face cleansing wipes on the plane but had forgotten them. Many flights offer these as part of your amenity kit, so I was disappointed that Qantas did not.


Qantas does bedding well. As a business class passenger, you’re provided with a decently-thick comforter and a plush pillow, both of which are comfortable enough on which to sleep. You also receive a mattress pad, which features a loop at the top to prevent it from sliding around.

Mind the gap.

Bottom Line: I had a perfectly comfortable flight with Qantas. It was neither the best nor the worst business class flight I’d been on, though the fact that my seat ate a total of 5 items during my flight was fairly distressing. 


I try to be a friendly passenger at all times, but especially when I’m flying in a premium cabin. After all, most of the point of the experience is to have a good time — and being polite is a part of that.

Service on the flight was pretty proactive; I did use my call button a time or 2 to request a new drink, but on the whole, the flight attendants stopped by and checked on me just in case.

Of course, watching a pair of flight attendants shake down my seat in order to retrieve my lost items grants them an automatic 10/10, as does another flight attendant patiently waiting as I downed the rest of my Champagne before takeoff so as not to waste any. 


We arrived only a few minutes delayed, though I was perfectly happy to be arriving a little later than predicted as I didn’t want an early check-in to my hotel. Still, we landed at Melbourne Airport (MEL) and rolled up to the gate, disembarking just a few short minutes later.

Business class customers receive a pass to speed through immigration, which is an excellent idea. However, at 6 a.m. in the morning, it was hardly necessary; there was no line whatsoever for passengers. Australia also uses e-gates, which meant I simply needed to scan my passport and waltz through immigration.

Not necessary, but nice to have.

I waited a few minutes for my bag since I’d managed to make my way so quickly through immigration, but it really only took about 10 minutes. All told, I was off the plane and in an Uber on the way to my hotel in less than 30 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was a pretty decent flight. Although these aren’t my favorite seats — thanks to their lack of privacy and the fact that they ate all of my belongings — I was still very comfortable. Is this the best business class product I’ve ever flown? No, but it’s a solid option with good service and a great way to get to Australia, especially at the low cost of just 55,000 Alaska Airlines miles.

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