When Everyone Has Sky Club Access, Nobody Does [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Oh my.

  • United miles can now be redeemed for intra-Africa travel on AirLink

  • Grand Hyatt Singapore will close for four months starting September 19 I look forward to seeing the hotel post-renovation. It’s long had a nice club lounge service (but the space itself could use a refresh) and plenty of suites for upgrade, plus the Straits Kitchen restaurant was always great for hawker center food without going out when it rained.

  • Meanwhile inflation has hit Singapore’s hawker centers (HT: @crucker)

  • The never-ending lockdown for Taiwan’s airline pilots (HT: Miles)

    In the heady days of 2019, Joe, an international pilot working for a Taiwanese airline, enjoyed strolling along the Viennese banks of the Danube or dining out on Pad Thai in Bangkok during short transit stops abroad.
    But almost three years after the pandemic began, flight crews from Taiwan’s two main carriers, EVA and China Airlines, are still being locked in their hotel rooms with a single-entry key when they travel overseas – a rule initially created to prevent them from returning to Taipei infected with the virus.

    “It’s frustrating,” said Joe, who’s name has been changed. “We are still subject to some stupid rules that don’t make sense anymore.”

    While the global aviation sector continues along the path towards pre-pandemic travel norms, Taiwan-based pilots – having endured some of the strictest quarantine and testing regimes in the world – are still stuck firmly in the past.

  • When everybody has Sky Club access, nobody does.

    @Delta is there anyone you don’t allow into your lounges 🙄 might have to stop chasing that annual status. Crazy. pic.twitter.com/EEqetA5TBt

    — MW711.eth (@williamson711) August 23, 2022

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