Why Austin Sees More Diverted Flights Than Any Other Airport In The Country

This stat may surprise you: Austin’s airport sees more diverted flights than any other airport in the country.

In 2019 there were 574 diversions to Austin. From May through August the airport saw an average of about 50 diversions per month over the past 15 years. Summer thunderstorms are a driver. There are (4) reasons more flights divert to Austin than any other airport.

  • Austin is within about 40 minutes’ flying time from Dallas – Fort Worth; Dallas Love Field; Houston Intercontinental; and Houston Hobby (and even closer to other, smaller, airports like San Antonio).

  • The airport used to be Bergstrom Air Force Base, closed as part of the BRAC process in 1993. So it is a large facility. It has a 12,250 foot runway (18R/36L) and a 9000 foot runway (18L/36R). There’s space to accommodate a large number of aircraft.

  • It’s served by all of the major carriers, so it’s a logical diversion point for American; Delta; Southwest; United; Alaska; JetBlue; Spirit; Frontier; Hawaiian; and Allegiant.

  • Austin has a customs facility, making it functional as a diversion point for international flights from United and American hubs in Dallas and Houston as well as for Air Canada, Aeromexico, British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa, WestJet (seasonal) and Virgin Atlantic which serve the airport.
  • Though Qantas doesn’t serve Austin (!) we received a Qantas diversion from DFW earlier this month.

    We had an unexpected but exciting visitor yesterday! @Qantas made a diversion from @DFWAirport.

    ✈️Fun Fact: AUS receives more diversions than any other airport in the nation!

    📸: @keithreeves pic.twitter.com/GGANoiTKeq

    — Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) (@AUStinAirport) August 11, 2022

    When Austin’s airport was an Air Force base it was visited by a Concorde (1979) and by modified Boeing 747s carrying the Space Shuttle Columbia (1981) and Discovery (1985). Nonetheless there’s work to do to get passengers off of planes. There’s room to park, but that doesn’t get them inside the terminal expeditiusly.

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