Leaked Configuration Of United’s New Airbus A321XLR [Roundup]

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  • I interpret “envision” as ‘this is the current thinking of United Airlines, subject to change if this hasn’t been locked.’

    I envision UA 321XLR config as being:20 Polaris seats12 Premium Plus seats

    — 🇺🇦 JonNYC 🇺🇦 (@xJonNYC) August 26, 2022

  • You may no longer be able to tell the difference between onshore and offshore call centers by the voice on the other end of the line

  • Emotional support eagle?

    Our special guest was Clark the Eagle with the World Bird Sanctuary, who decided to give his wings a break and fly commercial. His airline notified us and we screened him and his handler. Clark is trained to spread his wings, and even showed off a bit during screening. (2/2) pic.twitter.com/SMkQAo65aQ

    — TSA Southeast (@TSA_Southeast) August 25, 2022

  • A Three-Day Car Rental Trip Mistakenly Got Turned Into a 22,669-Mile, $6,189 Adventure (HT: Paul H)

  • Did you realize there was still one being manufactured, even?

  • Sun Country Airlines celebrates 40 years of flying

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