American Airlines Passenger’s Checked Baggage Was An Empty Bucket

An American Airlines passenger needed to get travel for work, and work involved using an empty bucket. He had to be at work before stores opened the next morning. And that meant he’d have to bring the bucket with him on his flight. So he brought it along as checked luggage. The bucket made it!

Yes. I’m aware how ridiculous this is. Trust me, if I didn’t have to go through the process of checking an empty bucket, I wouldn’t.

My job required the use of a bucket. My plane was arriving at 11PM, after all the bucket stores closed. My job started at 5AM, before the bucket stores opened. So I had to bring my own.

Everyone involved got a good laugh about it (as far as I know).

The passenger receives free checked bags though doesn’t share if that is because of their AAdvantage status or because they’re a co-brand credit card customer.

Loose items are hardly new to checked baggage, and not losing them isn’t new either. Five years ago a man famously checked a beer can as a standalone bag and it made it all the way to baggage claim. American didn’t quite deliver a single bottle of deoderant – it most likely got lost in the airport baggage system.

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