American Airlines Stranded Passengers Overnight In The Airport For No Reason, Bermuda Government Says

Monday night I wrote about the American Airlines flight from Miami to London that diverted to Bermuda stranding passengers inside the terminal for 21 hours. The flight went mechanical and crew ran out of duty time while on the ground.

For the first 11 overnight hours of their stay passengers report that they received water and pretzels. American Airlines says this is because of Bermuda’s Covid rules, but the government there says this isn’t true.

  • Bermuda still has Covid-19 entry requirements, so passengers couldn’t just enter and go to hotels (paid for by the airline, or themselves). Crew, though, left the airport and headed to hotels.

  • The government told passengers that American Airlines could have arranged for antigen tests, but did not do so.

The government and airport are coming out forcefully that they – and Covid entry requirements – aren’t responsible for passengers sleeping on the floor in the airport without food.

According to the airport passengers were left there because American couldn’t “find a sufficient number of available hotel rooms to accommodate all” passengers. They

were housed in the international departures lounge of the new terminal as American Airlines officials advised that they were unable to find a sufficient number of available hotel rooms to accommodate all persons from the flight.

Shame on American Airlines – You have abandoned families after your faulty plane had to emergency land in Bermuda last night. No food, drinks, children are freezing cold. BA – Please help we booked this flight with you! #Americanair #britishairways #noplane

— Adrian Kelly (@AdrianK66042253) August 29, 2022

The Bermuda government says passengers could have left the airport, but the airline didn’t take the required steps to allow it.

At no time did American Airlines communicate a desire to have its passengers landed to transfer them to a hotel, even if only for the day.

The Port Health team at the Ministry of Health stood ready to administer supervised antigen tests for all passengers – as we have done for passengers on previous diverted flights. However, the airline did not make that decision.

The Ministry of Health’s compliance team also stood by in case a decision was made to allow the passengers to leave the building and stretch their legs in a designated area. Again, no decision was made. We note American’s crew were provided accommodation at a local hotel by the airline.

Bermuda’s Covid-19 regulations did not in any way prevent American Airlines from taking steps to better accommodate its passengers today,”

While not related to the mechanical diversion, need I add that the American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER in question was the roach coach that was out of service for two months at the end of last year due to an insect infestation.

Whenever you fly you should carry snacks. Don’t rely on the airline to feed you. United ran out of food with hours to go on my flight from Sydney in June and that wasn’t an irregular operation. I’ve diverted and sat on the ground for hours. I’ve never been suck in the airport, not allowed to leave overnight, but a few granola bars in your bag and extra waters can never hurt.

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