“Quit Sending Naked Pictures” Southwest Airlines Pilot Threatens To Turn Plane Around

A Southwest Airlines pilot threatened to turn the plane around and return to the gate if Cabo-bound passengers didn’t stop airdropping naked photos to each other, as captured in video posted to social media last week.

The captain threated that he would “have to pull back into the gate, everybody’s going to have to get off. We’re going to have to get security involved.”

He continued, “Vacation is going to be ruined.” And – doubling down on his dad vibes threatening to turn the car around, he said “whatever that AirDrop thing is” passengers needed to “quit sending naked pictures, and let’s get yourselves to Cabo.”

@teighmars @robloxsouthwestair takes airdropping nudes very seriously. #AEJeansSoundOn #WorldPrincessWeek ♬ original sound – Teighlor Marsalis

Last year United deplaned a flight after a passenger airdropped a photo of a toy gun. The year before a flight was delayed due to airdropping porn.

Passengers were exposed airdropping porn on Southwest in June and also before the pandemic too.

Then there was the time that the CFO of an airline told a court he was just trying to delete porn from his work computer and accidentally erased files relevant to the court proceeding.

(HT: Tommy L)

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