Train Service To Dulles Airport Starts Soon, And No One Will Ride It [Roundup]

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  • Food.

    AA: minor meal updates. Going to be some pre-order "wellbeing meals" in October.One of them will be a whole grain bowlAnd next month they will be doing an adjustment on medium haul distances to offer a few more cities a better option

    — 🇺🇦 JonNYC 🇺🇦 (@xJonNYC) August 27, 2022

  • New Salt Lake City 700-room Hyatt Regency

  • Train service to Washington Dulles hasn’t even opened yet and the airport head says he doesn’t expect passengers will even use it much.

    I think, ultimately, it will bring more employees to the airport than it will passengers. …I think it’s quite frankly, it’s a luggage thing. People don’t want to carry luggage on the Metro. They’d rather just drive or take an Uber, take a taxi or have somebody drive them to the airport with their luggage.

  • I’m not sharing this for the passenger complaint, just for the ad in the background. Washington DC ads are so weird. When I first moved there ads in the metro suggested awarding contracts to more than one supplier for the Joint Strike Fighter. Some of the most expensive advertising can be found at the Pentagon metro stop and Capitol South. Here at National airport is an ad for government contractor big data company Palantir.

    Hi @AmericanAir Can you guess where I am? Not where I'm supposed to be. Should have been in Boise 3 hrs ago. In line in DC while they change a tire hoping we can at least get to DFW tonight. Gonna need a hotel, dinner, and a massage. #NotKidding

    — M. Warbington (@rwm52) August 27, 2022

  • Air France pilots suspending for brawling in the cockpit

  • Irish model slams ‘awful man’ who wouldn’t switch seats with her family

  • Here’s what an independent arbitrator says the former head of the American Airlines flight attendants union (Bob Ross) owes, after using union funds for personal expenses. Another thing Delta flight attendants consider, whether having union leaders take their money is ‘worth it’.

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