25% Off Business Class Awards To Europe & Is United’s Greyburger Worse Than A Coach Meal?

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Air France KLM Flying Blue promo awards have Austin – Amsterdam business class on sale 25% off. Book in September for travel through February 28, 2023 – and you can connect anywhere in Europe. All major transferable currencies can be moved to Flying Blue. Oh and this flight lets you use the gorgeous Delta Sky Club that was opened before the pandemic.

  • The cost of a Western lifestyle in Luanda, Angola is high. More surprising to some may be that it’s possible. But if you want great pizza in Juba you can get it – because people who want it travel there (including through international aid organizations) and they have the ability to pay. And Angola has oil.

  • United’s ConnectionSaver, which helps customers make connecting flights when their inbound aircraft is delayed, doesn’t get enough credit or attention. 25% of United’s flights are expected to arrive 10 minutes early so their computers will decide when it makes sense to hold a flight for connecting passengers.

    Good Leads the Way in Frankfurt, DE as we activate ConnectionSaver @united. Departing at the right time for the customer allows us to save the day for more customers while arriving downline on schedule. @AndreaNPunited @StephenMcUA @kerrysaidWHAT @MikeHannaUAL @chahin_hector pic.twitter.com/Z1jN5TWuT4

    — Jay Fulmer (@jfulmer_ao) August 31, 2022

  • Fact Check: Did Smuggled Crocodile Cause Plane Crash in the Congo?

  • Have to give United credit for their virtual cabin tours, you don’t need to be surprised by something like this.

    @AmericanAir nice work on the seating layout here. I was really looking forward to staring at a wall for four hours. 10/10 no recommendations for improvements. #fail pic.twitter.com/w0JaNodxk7

    — wenmouth (@wenmouth) August 31, 2022

  • Oy vey.

    9 cancellations, 2 landings x aircraft failure. In the 2nd, 2 hours without air conditioning, losing almost all the oxygen in the cabin. At least 2 people convulsing. Panic crisis, hypertensive crisis and more.

    @AmericanAir 9 cancelaciones, 2 desembarcos x fallas en el avión. En la 2da, 2hras sin aire acondicionado, perdiendo casi todo el oxígeno de la cabina. Al menos 2 personas convulsionando. Crisis de pánico, crisis hipertensivas y más. #CHVNoticias #MeganoticiasActualiza pic.twitter.com/8kn3uQlmKI

    — natalia zepeda (@nataliazepeda16) August 31, 2022

  • Though it has its defenders, I actually think the business class greyburger looks worse.

    .@United needs to step up their international flights food offerings. Twice in one week in Reddit. I mean the food looks gross. Polaris/Economy respectively. Please make it at least edible. pic.twitter.com/7s3ZFjNsuH

    — andy (@hiandyyyy) September 1, 2022

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