New Amex Transfer Bonuses, $3 Movies on Saturday, Virgin Voyages Status Matching and More

Breaking News: Amex September Transfer Bonuses: Amex just announced 12 transfer bonuses for September. See this post from One Mile at a Time.

$3 Movie Tickets: I know this has nothing to do with travel, but who doesn’t love a movie in an actual theatre with popcorn? This Saturday is National Cinema Day, and several theatres are offering $3 movie tickets and $3 concessions. My local Cinemark chain is doing this, as well as AMC and Regal. I bought tickets! h/t Miles to Memories

Status Matching with Virgin Voyages: Virgin Voyages just announced a loyalty program. Check out this post on Your Mileage May Vary. I need to look into this more closely, as in the spring I will have top status with Disney Cruise Line.

Staples Fee-free Gift Cards for 5X Points: Starting this Sunday, Staples is once again offering a deal for fee-free Visa gift cards. This is a great way to earn 5X points on certain cards, like the Chase Ink Plus/Cash cards. See this post on Frequent Miler.

Not Breaking News: Frontier Airlines Sucks: This post on The Points of Life made me chuckle. My family has flown on Frontier to Denver and Orlando in the past, and it’s my kids’ least favorite airline. What do they dislike the most? The teeny tiny tray tables.

I’m taking a 4-day weekend. I hope everyone has a great extended weekend!

Photo by Hansjörg Keller on Unsplash


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