Passenger Shoves His Bag Into The Sizer At The Gate So Hard It’s Stuck For Good

An airline passenger was stopped at the boarding gate by an agent who thought his carry on bag was too big to go on the aircraft. They told him he’d have to fit it into the bag sizer, and if it didn’t fit he’d have to pay to check the bag.

So he went to the sizer and there was no way he was going to allow it not to fit. He shoved that bag in. He kicked it. He pushed it. The agent insisted that the bag go all the way in.

The man didn’t give up. And finally he convinced the airline that it was indeed within the size limits published by his airline, easyJet. Only then the bag was stuck. He couldn’t get it out. Having pushed and kicked it in, pulling it out just wasn’t going to work.

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The man jokes he’s going to have to take the bag sizer on board the aircraft. In truth he could wind up facing a choice: make the flight and leave the bag behind, or stay and keep trying to get the bag out.

He’s a hero to the rest of the passengers on the flight though – easyJet agents couldn’t ask any other passenger to put their bag in the sizer before bringing it on the plane!

Here’s another bag that actually fit in the sizer, but the passenger couldn’t get it out. You’d think the sizer would be the ultimate arbiter of what fits but I’ve covered a bag that fit in the sizer, where a United employee wouldn’t let the passenger take it on anyway. That actually happened to me last year too.

Remember that carry on bag dimension rules include handles and wheels while the dimensions that luggage manufacturers list for their bags usually do not. So a 22″ bag may not fit in a 22″ sizer, though some airline gate sizers are actually larger than allowable dimensions in order to avoid constant conflict over this.

Here’s a passenger last month breaking his carry on into pieces so it would fit in the sizer. Here’s one from July who managed to get it into the sizer but then couldn’t get it out. And one from last year, too.

At least US airlines don’t weigh carry ons. Many non-US airlines weigh carry ons, and the weight limits for those airlines that do are (to a US perspective) absurdly low. Sometimes you can avoid the weight check simply by checking in online or at a kiosk. The goal is to avoid scrutiny.

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