Report: Delta Sky Club Lines Are So Bad, They’re Feeding Passengers Waiting To Get In

Whenever a club lounge offers decent food, passengers come earlier and stay longer than you’d expect – even accounting for knowing that they’ll come earlier and stay longer than you’d expect.

And crowding in Delta clubs can be much worse than for United or American Airlines clubs.

  • Delta Air Lines Sky Clubs offer better food than American Airlines Admirals Clubs and United Clubs
  • Delta has yet to open its dedicated business class lounges which United and American already offer, so passengers who would be diverted to these more premium lounges use the Sky Clubs too.
  • While Delta charges more for its lounges, more people have access, by virtue of their Amex Platinum and Centurion cards

Back in the spring Delta was just turning away passengers when lounges got full. The airline derided passengers who stay too long in lounges, saying “we’re not WeWork.”

Since then the airline has made several changes.

  • They’ve stopped allowing customers to enter more then 3 hours prior to the first flight on their itinerary even when lounges are completely empty.

  • They’ve created lines to get in, instead of turning people away.

  • They’ve tested a Fast Track line to allow Diamond and 360 elite members to skip the queues.

Things though are getting worse. In general new Delta Sky Clubs are great, and they’re not all busy at all times. The new LaGuardia club gets rave reviews as does Los Angeles. On the other hand, perhaps there are no clubs with complaints about lines than at New York JFK.

Wowza – just leaving but this is the current line to get into the @delta #SkyClub at JFK.

— Jonathan Jacobs (@JonEJacobs) September 2, 2022

@Delta is there anyone you don’t allow into your lounges 🙄 might have to stop chasing that annual status. Crazy.

— MW711.eth (@williamson711) August 23, 2022

The lines go on for days, and it seems that Delta is doing something to take care of customers while they endure their long journey to the lounge.

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USA Today‘s Zach Winter adds that on Sunday, while he thought the line for the Delta Sky Club moved quickly, the airline actually brought snacks out to the refugees passengers waiting to get in.

You don’t get these sorts of lines for American Airlines clubs (except at the small club in Charlotte when the main club was closed for plumbing repairs earlier this year) or for United Clubs. Those clubs do get full, and at United you’re likely to see them turning away those with one day passes.

@united thanks a lot for this bait and switch. I went to the airport 5 hours before my flight BECAUSE I had a club pass and now I’m inside security where there is no other club so you screwed me again

— Howard Marks (@DeepStorageNet) September 2, 2022

Guerrilla travel tip: your Sky Club credentials (such as a club membership or Amex Platinum/Centurion card) aren’t checked until you reach the front of the line. So if you’re looking for free snacks at the airport, consider joining the line for a Delta Sky Club!

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