Woman Says She Was Arrested As Las Vegas Airport For Being Too Good Looking

Hend Bustami, a former food runner at Chateau Nightclub, server assistant at Momofuku and lifeguard at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, was arrested at the Las Vegas airport after allegedly doing at dine and dash at the Chili’s in terminal D.

Restaurant employees called police, but the they were unable to find her until TSA screeners reported a “female matching that description was observed sleeping near the security checkpoint, hindering their operations.” She left the checkpoint before police arrived there, too, but she was then identified at a baggage carousel.

Officers say she became “belligerent,” according to the police report, and threated to “spit on all” of the officers.” The 28-year-old woman, though, says she was just being harassed by police because they’d “never seen anyone as pretty as her” and that they’re “perverts and were trying to rape her” because of how good looking she is.

Ms. Bustami was arrested. She already had an outstanding warrant, but bail was set at $1000. Apparently she wasn’t good looking enough to avoid multiple arrests.

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