Landing Airbus A320 Crashes Into A Motorbike [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Alaska lounge drinks of the month every lounge should do this. Snickers Latte and “Alaska’s 75,” their take on a French 75 which was named for the French 75mm field gun.

    French 75s. Put up a whole row of them Sascha. Starting here and ending there. We will begin with two..

  • San Francisco Centurion lounge closes for expansion renovations September 6 it will double in size and re-open by the end of the year according to Amex. They’ll offer takeout food and beverage at the club entrance in the meantime.

  • Taking the train to Denver airport is too expensive

  • A pilot turned his plane around on the runway to pick up a father and his daughter who missed the flight after losing a passport (Insider, HT: Paul H)

  • TAP Air Portugal Airbus A320 “collided with a motorbike occupied by two persons that crossed the runway” after it landed.

    The airport reported the aircraft hit two individuals riding on a motorbike on the runway. The driver was identified as a security agent responsible to protect airport facilities.

    The airline expressed their condolences to the families involved. All passengers and crew aboard the aircraft remained uninjured.

  • Why hundreds of New York ships were abandoned on Staten Island.

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