Passengers Go “Suitcase Bowling” Down Escalator In China

A new meme out of China, ‘suitcase bowling’, is taking over the internet. As I write a version of the video shortened and celebrating a bowling strike as a suitcase falls down an escalator and takes out a passenger at the bottom has been viewed over 8 million times.

Two people at the top of the escalator tried to send their bag down on its own. However it didn’t stay upright – tossing itself down and gaining momentum until a way – who sees it coming and tries to outrun it – gets knocked down.

The woman at the bottom of the escalator, taken away on a stretcher at the end of the video, reportedly received minor injurious and is expected to recover fully. This all happened in Zhejiang province, China although more specifics, including where this happened, aren’t clear.

Here’s the original video shared by Chinese state media.

Dangerous moment! A falling suitcase tackled a woman on an escalator in E China's Zhejiang. Luckily, she was slightly injured and is safe now.

— People's Daily, China (@PDChina) September 2, 2022

And here’s the edited viral version:

I think I've found my new hobby suitcase bowling.

— J (@JJumbleup) September 2, 2022

The internet definitely knows it’s wrong to mock the plight of the woman at the bottom of the escalator, but it gloriously excited about the prospect of “suitcase bowling.”

If this ever happens to you, remember: you don’t have to outrun the suitcase, you just have to outrun other passengers.

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