Hitting One Million American Airlines Loyalty Points

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • The anti-trust trial against the American Airlines-JetBlue alliance is scheduled to run September 27 – October 17.

    The government is doing the bidding of airline competitors here (Delta, United, low cost carriers who want New York slots taken away), not customers, and undermining the rule of law in the process because the government had literally just approved this before suing to stop it.

  • The U.S. buys blocks of tickets on Ariana Afghan Airlines’ Kabul – Doha flights

  • One million American Airlines Loyalty Points

  • Starting September 7 Japan will allow ‘non-escorted’ package tours no more constant supervision but still no independent tourism.

  • ‘Jiro Dreams of Sushi’ and the American Omakase Boom

  • Taiwan’s China Airlines buying 16 Beoing 787s it’s a good long haul aircraft but choosing it over the Airbus A350 is one of many small moves that positions Taiwan closer to the U.S. as China’s aggressiveness grows.

  • Status matches help acquire high value customers fast

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