The Economics Of Retail Bank Branches, Frequent Flyer Programs Should Fight Fraud Less [Roundup]

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  • Relevant to loyalty program managers (as well as credit card issuers): The optimal amount of fraud is non-zero the higher your margin (and airline frequent flyer programs are high margin) the more costly in net revenue anti-fraud measures which discourage customers from transacting will be.
  • How the economics of retail bank branches work they’re all about sales and cross-selling, which banks don’t do well through automated channels.

  • Have you ever tried to check in for your return flight home, only to find that your itinerary was cancelled ‘because you didn’t take your connecting flight to get here’? Well Delta told the father of an unaccompanied minor that the kid hadn’t been picked up from the airport a week earlier. Well, if that were true, why wouldn’t have Delta called anyone? And how is the kid standing there at check-in?

    Delta Air Lines told an unaccompanied child’s father that his daughter had not been picked up from the airport a week after the flight because the airline’s system failed to record that she had been collected.

    Richard Fritz, from Detroit, Michigan, was told that his 13-year-old daughter was “never released” from the gate when he went to check her in for a flight back home to Burlington, Vermont in the spring.

    “When I returned her to the airport a week later, the agent who was trying to check her in said ‘our system says she is still waiting for you to pick her up at the gate from last week’,” he told Insider.

  • Is TSA anti-science?

    I’m f*cking heartbroken in the airport. @TSA did not reseal my cooler after searching it (it was duct taped shut) and it arrrived, flung open and missing hundreds of irreplaceable water samples from my @RVBlueHeron cruise.

    — Silvia Newell (@NewellLab) September 3, 2022

  • Sure they promise accommodations during controllable overnight delays but

    a truly embarrassing tweet… the current wait line for accommodation vouchers at @DFWAirport for @AmericanAir. Multiple gate agents are “out of vouchers” & refuse to internally communicate. All flights have been rebooked to tmr morning. These delays were not due to weather.

    — celebrity (@kylierpark) September 5, 2022

  • Not even the roach coach

    @AmericanAir 4th or 5th one of these I saw crawling around my seat on my flight from Tampa to Dallas. Caught this one. Killed another. They just kept showing up. Hope my flight from Dallas to Hawaii isn’t infested🤮 🐜 #AmericanAirlines #AirTravel #CreepyCrawlers #ABugsLife

    — J. J. (@Noskcaj7891) September 4, 2022

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