Passenger Does Cartwheels, Drinks Wine, Gets Kicked Off Southwest Airlines Flight

A woman wasn’t allow to board a Southwest flight because a flight attendant says she was intoxicated. The passenger, though, says she was just “doing cartwheels and back bends” to entertain a crying little girl.

The flight attendant interpreted the cartwheels as being “engaging, loud, you want[ing] attention from everybody.” And the woman was seen drinking alcohol – one glass of wine.

  • Drinking alcohol isn’t a problem
  • Doing cartwheels isn’t a problem
  • But calling attention to yourself by doing cartwheels while drinking alcohol may create the perception you’re drunk
  • And the perception of crew, even those mis-informed about federal aviation regulations (as you’ll see), is all that matters.

Not allowed to get on @SouthwestAir flight last night because I was helping a crying little girl feel better. Can I get someone to return my phone calls regarding the physical and verbal abuse I received last night by two of your employees? Pls & TIA

— Carrie (@carrieb2010) September 6, 2022

The flight attendant explaining that they could fly also object to their filming, claiming doing so is illegal, that “federal aviation regulations say that you have to have my permission to be filming me” (they do not). And she wants law enforcement to deal with the passengers over the filming.

The crewmember also claims the fact that the woman didn’t walk away and accept being kicked off the flight for being intoxicated proves she was intoxicated. The passenger, though, says she objected “because I have kids at home I’m waiting to get back to” which the airline wouldn’t allow.

I don’t know whether the woman was tipsy, and we don’t have video of her cartwheels. I don’t know whether she’d have been a problem on the flight. But the crew thought she might me. And that’s the end of the story.

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