Cabin Crew Criticized For Photo Shoot On The Tarmac During Flight Delay

During a three hour delay, Air Canada flight crew decided to have fun while leaving passengers waiting to fly. They did their own photo shoot on the tarmac. One flight attendant posed inside an engine while baggage handlers snapped photos.

This was controversial because flight crew had access to do something fun while passengers did not. But the crew were just looking to pass the time and in that sense just as helpless as passengers.

‘Everyone on our flight wondering why we’re 3+ hours delayed,’ a caption on the video – which has been viewed more than 300,000 times – says. ‘The flight attendants are having a literal photoshoot outside, ON THE PLANE.’

Was this a bad look, or a great way to keep flight attendants in a good mood before serving passengers on a much-delayed trip?

@sugywitdahoodie i was gonna offer to take one of all of them tg @aircanada #aircanada #canada🇨🇦 #canadatravel ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

My view is this. Passenger ire at the flight attendants is misplaced. Without identifying the specific flight, it’s tough to know the cause of the delay. But Air Canada needs to communicate well with passengers about what’s going on and what to expect. And just as crew here took it upon themselves to pass the time (can’t rely 100% on People magazine), passengers need to do the same.

Armed with reasonable inferences about when a flight might leave, it’s great to leave the gate. Go eat, go shop, go take photos of planes – or find a place to work or play games. Or, if there’s a strong likelihood a flight will cancel or that you’ll be stuck at the airport most of the day, considering trying to get rebooked on another flight.

Passengers should take as much responsibility for their own enjoyment (and sanity) as these crew. The airline should help them do so. Complaining that cabin crew had fun, while passengers didn’t, misses the point – much as most arguments for solidarity that seek to extend misery often do.

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