Act Fast: Take One Southwest Roundtrip, Earn A Two Month Companion Pass

Southwest Airlines will give you a companion pass valid for two months at the start of next year for booking just two one way flights or a single roundtrip.

  • Register and purchase tickets by Thursday, September 8
  • Complete travel by November 17
  • Companion pass will be valid January 4 – March 4, 2023

Southwest Vacations Packages and award tickets don’t count, it has to be paid travel. And pre-existing bookings don’t count, they have to be made after you register and before the end of Thursday.

If you change your itinerary you’ll lose out on its earning towards this companion pass offer. Even though this is only a temporary companion pass, usual rules and benefits still apply (so you can change your companion three times during its validity).

With this Companion Pass you can bring someone with you on your travel for just the cost of taxes, even if you’re redeeming points for your own trip. Companion Pass for the rest of the year in which it is earned normally and the full next year normally takes 100 flights or 125,000 qualifying points in a year.

We saw this exact offer a year ago and at the same time, too. Two months of companion pass for two flights is great, and at a time (winter) when load factors are likely to be low so this is less costly to offer.

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