American Airlines Delivers The Cuteness That Your Day Deserves [Roundup]

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  • How Southwest Airlines boarding really works and the best strategies behind it.
  • $5 monthly Lyft credit from Mastercard extended through March 2024 (HT: Bill S)

  • American Airlines delivers the cuteness that your day deserves.

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  • The history of Gander airport Maybe you know the airport from its role in the aftermath of 9/11?

  • Two Congressional Democrats are asking the Treasury Department to investigate airline use of bailout funds for employee buyouts giving airlines money to ensure employees stayed on, and airlines using the money to reduce headcount. Generally speaking this wasn’t illegal though, and money is fungible. It’s just one obvious reason why the bailouts were a bad idea, something that was known at the time that the second and third bailouts passed so maybe Congress shouldn’t have voted for it, or at least changed the language…?

  • Unruly Passenger High On Meth Forces Pilots of Delta Air Lines Flight to Make Emergency Diversion

    A Delta airlines flight traveling from Portland (PDX) to Atlanta (ATL) made an emergency landing in Salt Lake City, Utah Saturday, as a passenger was under the influence of methamphetamine and started disturbing the cabin.


    — FL360aero (@fl360aero) September 9, 2022

  • And footballs fit under your seat, so no extra carry on fee either!

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