Just Because You Make A Reservation At Holiday Inn, Doesn’t Mean The Hotel Exists

In September 2021 a reader made a reservation at the Holiday Inn LaGuardia Airport for the nights of August 28th at 27,000 points and August 29th using a credit card free night. The reader shared, “we were so excited to be at the US Open this year, we booked almost a year out at a hotel I’ve stayed at and liked.”

That’s not the Holiday Inn Express at LaGuardia, or another nearby Holiday Inn. It’s the one that used to be at 37-10 114th St in Corona, New York. Used to be.

This hotel apparently closed at some point and went into foreclosure in March. There’s no reason that the hotel guest would know this. In fact they went into their account to print a copy of their reservation to have it with them on arrival a day before check-in. The bookings were there.

Here’s what happened when they arrived,

There was a make-shift tarp over the Holiday Inn sign, and very questionable people on the stoops smoking pot and glaring at us. I somewhat shocked asked if this was a Holiday Inn, and they laughed and said the whole thing was closed. These folks didn’t seem like hotel guests, but it seemed like it had been converted into some public housing, so we quickly left and booked an expensive Hampton Inn nearby.

This building ceased being a Holiday Inn and was rebranded as “The LaGuardia Hotel,” still associated with IHG based on reviews and a management response as recent as July 20. However it no longer appears to be bookable. It’s unclear how many other guests have shown up at the hotel like it was some sort of scam Airbnb?

Based on the most recent reviews closing it was probably a good idea (though telling future guests would have been better!),

The decor was obviously a conglomeration of stuff from other hotels, and we could hear the person next door coughing/throwing up at 4am through the walls.

…the room has no hangers, the shower is broken, a guy come in to my room… tv remote control doesn’t work

…Front desk personnel were trying to give out sheets and towels to those whose room had not been cleaned.

Hotels sometimes change from one brand to another. That means you may have a reservation at a hotel, it leaves the chain, and you won’t be able to earn points, elite stay credit, or receive elite benefits when that happens – although if the hotel joins a different chain you’ll be able to participate in the other program’s points and benefits.

Award guests can find themselves in a tough spot with hotels that do not honor points redemptions. When the Le Meridien Tahiti left Marriott they didn’t want to honor future award redemptions, and started wrangling for Marriott to pay them more to do so.

But I haven’t seen a case where a hotel just closed, reservations remained active, and nobody said anything. So before your next Holiday Inn stay you may want to check that the hotel still exists?

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