Manspreading On A Plane [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • This is just wrong.

  • Champagne returns to Singapore Airlines premium economy

  • Impossible to parody

  • What’s driving airline ticket prices?

  • Another $250 million in cost overruns for the $6 billion project to bring metro rail near (not quite to) Washington Dulles airport.

  • At least it’s a solution to ‘not enough legroom on an American Airlines (legacy US Airways) Airbus A320 in first class.

    Logged millions of air miles in my lifetime but this is a first. Gives “extra leg room” an entirely new meaning! Or as the flight attendant said, you have an ottoman 😂 @AmericanAir

    — Dottie Pepper (@dottie_pepper) September 9, 2022

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