Airbnb Banning Guests For Attending Protests And Walking Dogs Off Leash – Ten Years Ago

Airbnb often leaves you stranded when owners cancel (though they’re fining owners more for late cancels), imposes exorbitant fees, and is a site with too many scams. Non-refundable hotel rooms rarely make sense, and when your travel plans change you’re often completely stuck if you rented through Airbnb.

Still, it’s sometimes necessary. There are towns without suitable hotels, and for family trips where multiple bedrooms and a kitchen make sense, timeshare properties and home sharing sites have a business that’s distinct from the traditional hotel.

You’re going to be in the lurch if Airbnb bans you from their service, and they’re increasingly doing that for stupid reasons.

Did I just… get a lifetime @Airbnb booking ban for a 9 year old possession charge?!? 🤯

— Bethany Hallam (@bethanyhallam) September 13, 2022

I got banned for a "disorderly conduct" violation (not even a misdemeanor!) I received for civil disobedience at a protest.

— PghScabbyTheRat (@RatPgh) September 13, 2022

One guest got banned for having a dog off leash 10 years ago (misdemeanor).

Airbnb generates background checks on users through Inflection Risk Solutions. And this company often performs them inaccurately. Airbnb cancels reservations and bans users for past criminal convictions they do not even have.

This is a problem for sex workers who aren’t allowed to have a travel life apart from their sex work. Think of it as a version of China’s ‘social credit’ system. In China if your behavior deviates from the state’s standards you can lose the ability to book airline tickets or ride the train. Airbnb isn’t the government, and there are alternatives (in most places you travel). And they appear far less competent than the Chinese state (at least outside of pandemic measures).

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