Marriott’s Corporate Office Furniture Being Sold Off At Auction, 10 Chairs For Less Than $1

Marriott began work on a new corporate headquarters before the pandemic. They had 4000 employees based in the Maryland-DC-Northern Virginia area including their existing headquarters building. They’ve shed some of those employees, and more work remotely now, but the new building is open and up to 2800 employees are supposed to be working on-site at least some days of the week.

There are more hot desks (good for shared space, though they probably now have too much space) and there’s a gym with Peletons and other equipment. They have a daycare center and other amenities. It was a $600 million project to product 785,000 square feet of office space.

They didn’t bring all the old furniture over from the headquarters they’re replacing. Since Marriott has been consistently devaluing its points, including through the pandemic, they had a $920 million prepayment from Chase and American Express to spend a bit more freely.

If you want some old Marriott office furniture, it’s available at auction, piece by piece. (HT: H.G.) Need a desk for your upcoming Moxy stay? You can buy one!

You’ll even find some surprising items in the mix.

Prices start out rock bottom. For instance you can bid less than $1 for 10 chairs, though there’s a 15% premium added to every purchase for the auction house, and you will have to pick all items up yourself in Bethesda, Maryland.

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