Alaska Airlines’ EasyBiz: The Corporate Travel Booking Tool [2022]

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The main appeal of EasyBiz is that it helps frequent business travelers easily book trips on Alaska Airlines. If you have an eligible business, you can leverage the travel portal to consolidate your airfare booking process.

To start, EasyBiz’s interface allows you to save credit card payment details, traveler profiles for each employee, and enable employees to book their own tickets and earn more miles for the business.

For reporting and expense tracking, take advantage of EasyBiz’s ticket reports that can help you access up to 30 reporting fields to easily observe trends. You can do this all online or download an Excel spreadsheet.

With EasyBiz, you also get Alaska’s lowest airfare price guarantee when booking directly through the portal. And as expected, the program doesn’t have any fees to enroll or use.

Companies that enroll in EasyBiz will also earn 1 more Alaska Airlines mile for every dollar spent on base fares. For example, if you book a $100 plane ticket with $5.60 in taxes and fees, you’ll earn around 94 miles extra just for booking through EasyBiz. This is in addition to the normal mileage you’ll earn through Mileage Plan.

Most importantly, business owners will be able to earn Alaska Airlines miles for travel completed by their employees.

But what we love about Alaska Airlines EasyBiz is that you can hold your tickets and reservations for 24 hours before you pay for them. This enables business travelers or company travel planners to straighten out travel plans and lock in a price before having to pay.

How To Enroll in Alaska Airlines EasyBiz

Enrolling in EasyBiz is, well, easy! If your business has spent at least $5,000 or more on Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air travel in the last 15 months, it’s eligible to enroll in EasyBiz.

To enroll in EasyBiz, all you need to do is provide company information, including:

  • Country of operations
  • Company name
  • Address (including city, state, and ZIP code)
  • Contact phone number
  • Federal taxpayer ID

In addition, you’ll provide some information about the number of employees (who travel on Alaska Airlines only), industry type, and annual airfare expenditures (on Alaska Airlines only). You can have an unlimited number of employees tied to an EasyBiz account.

From there, you can sign in using your new EasyBiz login details.

Hot Tip: If you have issues enrolling in EasyBiz, call 888-327-2755. EasyBiz offices are open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. P.S.T.

Reasons To Use Alaska Airlines EasyBiz

There are a few reasons why using Alaska Airlines EasyBiz might be a good idea.

If you’re a business owner whose employees do a lot of travel on Alaska Airlines, using an EasyBiz account will enable you to get rewarded on your employees’ flights.

Your employees will still earn their own personal Alaska Airlines miles as outlined in Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, but you can now earn miles for their travel, too!

Generally speaking, this program is recommended for small to medium businesses that spend $100,000 or less with Alaska Airlines every year. Beyond that, it may be better to have an Alaska Airlines corporate travel contract (scroll down to the section that says Corporate managed travel and click Corporate Sales Contact Us)

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use Alaska Airlines EasyBiz is the 24-hour reservation hold. Normally, you can only access flight holds if you have a contract with a corporate travel agency — EasyBiz brings this benefit to small- and medium-sized businesses.

Hot Tip: If you’re an MVP Gold or MVP member, you can also request upgrades online using EasyBiz after buying your Main Cabin ticket. 

Lastly, administrators can access ticket purchase information, which contains:

  • Total
  • Fare
  • Tax
  • Itinerary
  • Issue date
  • Change fee
  • Ticket status
  • Ticket number
  • Passenger first and last name
  • EasyBiz user who made the purchase
  • Confirmation code
  • Custom fields input
  • Discount or contract fare
  • Form of payment (credit card or gift certificate)
  • Gift certificates redeemed (up to 4 per purchase)

So if you need access to fine-tuned reporting data on your Alaska Airlines flights, this feature is a fantastic value-add.

Final Thoughts

Alaska Airlines EasyBiz is a neat program for business travelers who have substantial bookings through Alaska Airlines every year.

Although it doesn’t issue a separate rewards currency from Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan miles, it does offer rewards beyond what you’d otherwise get as a business owner. By registering for EasyBiz, you’re suddenly earning more miles than you would be otherwise. For that reason, it makes a lot of sense to use EasyBiz.

And we haven’t even taken into account the 24-hour reservation holds, enhanced reporting capabilities and dashboarding, as well as the other travel management tools that this portal offers.

Lastly, EasyBiz offers the lowest available fares through its price guarantee, so the discerning Alaska Airlines business traveler can feel confident using EasyBiz.

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