EVA Air Sells Business Class Meals To Coach Passengers For $25

Taipei-based Star Alliance member EVA Air offers a fantastic all-around product. Their business class food and beverage program is outstanding, and so is their service. They’re perhaps best known for ‘Hello Kitty’ planes which are decked out nose-to-tail, down to Hello Kitty-themed toilet paper in the lavatories.

Now they’re introducing premium meals for purchase in economy and premium economy. These “Business Class-style meals” are priced at NTD800 (US$25.75) and can be pre-ordered up to 24 hours prior to travel on flights from Taipei to the United States, Canada, Australia and nonstop to Europe from October 1 through December 31, 2022.

Credit: EVA Air

Master Chef Huang Ching Biao created a multi-course meal featuring his signature steamed halibut with chopped chili paste paired with his seasoned shrimp and lime vinaigrette, chayote vines salad with pine nuts and water chestnut cake with osmanthus for dessert, all served in traditional Tan-banquet style.

Evergreen Sky Catering Celebrity Chef Joe Huang worked magic to design a satisfying, meatless main course of artichoke with plant-based lasagna preceded by an appetizer of layered plant-based crepes filled with chopped truffles and accompanied by an apricot tart with oriental beauty tea jelly for dessert.

The meals are “presented on tableware from Singapore luxury brand Luzerne, elegantly plated and accompanied by appetizers, breads and desserts” – even for those traveling in economy! They’ll only board 8 of these in premium economy and 12 of these in coach on a given flight, so those who want to indulge in an upgraded meal are advised to put in their request early.

Austrian Airlines introduced premium pre-order meals in coach a full decade ago. I’ve long argued that U.S. airlines should sell meals in first class.

I’d gladly pay $25 for a really nice dinner on an American Airlines flight instead of being given a turkey sandwich, Charlotte to Austin, or receiving a greyburger on United. I’d even choose my domestic carrier based on this option, because a relatively good first class product is worth an upcharge. And goodness knows I’d have paid for a decent meal on my United business class flight from Sydney to San Francisco this summer.

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