The Delta Sky Club Red “Line Skipping Pass”

Delta Sky Clubs frequently have long lines. The clubs have better food and beverage than the basic United Clubs and Admirals Clubs do, and more people have access thanks to Delta’s partnership with American Express that doesn’t just extend to premium Delta credit card customers but also to American Express Platinum and Centurion customers as well.

Look at the line for the Delta lounge at JFK!! This is actually worse than it was during the summer!

— Clint Henderson (@ClintPHenderson) September 16, 2022

But just because you can finally make it inside the club, doesn’t mean you’re able to stay. You may need help with a reservation. On Friday afternoon Delta didn’t have any staff to assist with reservations in their main New York JFK club.

That means guests had to leave the club to go into the terminal looking for help with a reservation, such as changing a flight in the event of a delay or cancellation. And I learned something new about the Delta Sky Club lines. There’s a way to skip the velvet rope.

Recognizing long lines, Delta began testing fast track lanes to enter their clubs for Diamond and 360 elite members. However you don’t need to be a top Delta customer to skip the line.

If you have to leave the club for help with a reservation, you’d need to stand in line again to return. Except Delta has red “line skipping passes.” They may not automatically offer those to you even if you tell them you’re leaving and coming back. You need to ask.

Delta shouldn’t just have a service desk inside the club – given the lines they should have a separate service center so that people who just need help with bookings don’t have to wait for seating space inside the club to get it. Even American Airlines sets up service centers with reservations staff (and soft drinks, sandwiches for takeaway) when they don’t have their full club operations available.

But since these skip the line tokens exist I’m sure some people ask for one when leaving the club even when they do not intend to return. Then they probably use them the next time there’s a line to get in. Word is they may vary the colors of the passes, but as the saying goes “collect them all.”

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