Airline Rescues Airbus A320 Stranded In Ukraine In “Daring Stealth Mission At Low Altitude” [Roundup]

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  • ANA business class redemptions on Air Canada show up as ‘flexible’ and grant Signature Suite access?

  • Starbucks wants to ruin its loyalty program NFTs are a distraction – though I’d argue that the low value of the program itself is the distraction.

    Customers download the app, then get rewarded for using it to buy food and drink. It’s a good experience because users can customize their orders, getting exactly what they want, and the store saves the expense of taking orders and capturing email addresses

    …Anything that distracts from that is superfluous. Offering NFTs as part of its digital rewards may appeal to a similar subset of its audience [who collect Starbucks mugs], but it’s a niche play that ignores that its loyalty program is driven by people earning stars to get free food and drink. tarbucks wants to deepen its connection with customers in way it’s hard to imagine customers wanting.

  • $50 in Discovery Dollars for each 2-night or longer stay at a new brand from GHA Discovery earn up to 4 times for bookings by October 31 and stays through November 30.

  • Flight from Long Beach to Hawaii interrupted for historic ukulele lesson (HT: Z.)

  • An airline rescued 1 of its 4 Airbus planes stranded in Ukraine in a daring stealth mission at low altitude (HT: Paul H)

    An A320 from Wizz Air that has been on ground in Lviv, Ukraine since 23 of February 2022 was flown to Katowice in Poland, on Tuesday.

    The aircraft was flying at 10.000 feet and it turned the transponder on when it crossed the border into Poland.

    — Flightradar24 (@flightradar24) September 15, 2022

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