New $9 Item Makes Coach Travel Easier In Two Ways

There’s a pretty ingenious new product that could be perfect for road warriors who find themselves frequently flying coach, especially on airlines without seat back entertainment. The Sip ‘n Clip solves two problems at once.

  • Where do you put your drink, maybe your Starbucks, during takeoff and landing when your tray table has to be up (or if you don’t want it intruding into your space during the flight)? Do you really want to use the seat pocket, which is one of the dirtiest places on the aircraft?

  • You’re stuck watching a show on your phone because the airline is too cheap to install screens, but where do you put the phone?
  • The Sip ‘n Clip attaches to the tray table and is a cup holder and phone holder. It doesn’t really work as both at the same time, though, since the phone would go behind the cup.

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    I’ve written this without corresponding with the inventor. The device can’t be purchased yet – they say they plan to sell at $15, but will offer pre-orders at $9, and based on an Instagram story it appears they’re planning a Kickstarter. And since they describe themselves as “a completely new way to connect brands and people” it seems like their hope is you’ll wind up getting one of these as a premium in a gift bag or as some other form of giveaway item.

    I’ll definitely buy one of these and throw one of these in my laptop bag, though I tend to have the tray table down throughout the flight whenever I’m allowed to (because I’m working on my laptop), and am frequently upgraded where this won’t be as necessary.

    There’s a long line of ingenious passengers-turned-inventors selling products to make the economy travel experience better. Someone made a fortune selling travel neck pillows! Most of them don’t work out quite as well. Airlines have generally banned the knee defender which prevents the passenger in front of you from reclining. Then there’s the armrest splitter, the shelf a window seat passenger can install in the window, the do-it-yourself airplane stained glass window, and the portable airline seat back pocket.

    Whether the sip ‘n clip makes sense for you depends, I think, on whether you tend to keep the seat back tray up or down. It can be used on a table, to hold your phone up for watching shows, but it’s probably not the single best device on the market for that purpose. Instead, if you want to keep your tray table up, watch a show or carry a drink, this is seems like ingenious device.

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