Russia Locks Down Airlines To Keep Fighting Age Males In The Country

Flights out of Russia immediately sold out once Vladimir Putin ordered a partial call-up of Russia’s military reservists. Initially the Russian government “declined to comment on whether the borders would be closed to those subject to the mobilisation order.”

russia has only officially declared mobilization three times in its history – World War I, World War II, and a three-day special military operation

— Seva (@SevaUT) September 21, 2022

Already Russian airlines have been banned from selling tickets to males aged 18 to 65. Anyone in this demographic group must first receive special permission from the Ministry of Defense to purchase air travel.

“How to leave Russia” became one of the top Google searches within the country on Tuesday evening.

Leaked image of the conscript list from the town of Tuapse, Russia. Interestingly, men around the age of 34-35 years old were also called to join the Russian army by forced conscription. Looks like Russia has an age demographic problem.

— CaucasusWarReport (@Caucasuswar) September 21, 2022

This mobilization is a sign of just how badly the war is going. These are bodies, but not nearly as ready or effective as those who have been fighting in Ukraine already. However Putin is under pressure from China and India to bring hostilities to a close. That could signal escalation, with reservists who have prior deployment experience as fodder.

Russia lacks the logistics to equip and deploy a large new force at this point, and they’ll show up with low morale and a desire to survive not fight, and the move is generating fresh protests.

Russian officers continue to use force on protestors, quickly moving them from the crowds and into the awaiting police vans.#Russia #Ukraine️

— WhereisRussiaToday (@WhereisRussia) September 21, 2022

Several strategists expect Putin to declare annexation of parts of Ukraine and argue that the escalation is actually a defense of its territory from foreign invaders, effectively daring the West to assist in an invasion of “Russian” soil, hence Putin’s resurfacing of nuclear threats. Publicly Western governments shrug this off.

Meanwhile, Russian airlines that have been instructed to purchase large numbers of domestically-produced jets won’t have very many passengers to fly.

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